Decorating the Moss Gardens

moss2 I purchased a few items from MyTinyWorld (totally recommended – low prices, low shipping and extremely quick!) and used them to decorate my new moss gardens.

I decided to make a miniature “witch’s garden” in the one above, with a tiny broom, an apple and a little stone cauldron in addition to the sticks and stones I put on initially. I really like the cauldron in particular – I’m not sure what it’s made of, but its texture really makes it feel like stone!

I added a little china frog to the moss garden in the jar, but didn’t really photograph well (I have a bit of a rubbish camera).

I also purchases some tiny pumpkins and an owl, which I plan to bring out for Halloween!

Now I’ve seen the variety of miniature items there are out there, I quite fancy the idea of making a kind of “faerie shrine” out in the garden – I could easily get tiny dishes, bowls and jugs for making tiny offerings. Let’s see what happens…



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