My First Moss Gardens

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In my previous post, I mentioned that I went out to gather moss to make miniature Moss Gardens. At first, I had a lot of trouble finding any moss (I suppose summer’s not the best time). But James proved to be an expert moss hunter – not only did he find a huge patch growing by the oak trees, he even found a large piece that someone had cut off a wall and left on the ground!

I’d previously collected some nice pebbles from the banks of the Thames, and saved lots of plastic food containers (see, recycling really does pay off!). So I set about making my first Moss Gardens; here are my first attempts!

I’ve tried to make them almost like a “Zen Pagan Garden,” using tiny rocks and twigs to represent standing stones and trees, as well as Pagan deities (I tried to represent the God and the Goddess in my first garden with the two rocks). Next I would like to perhaps purchase some tiny figurines of Pagan deities, to turn the moss garden into a kind of tiny shrine. My dream would be to make a full-sized altar incorporating an altar-sized Moss Garden!

Let’s see if, for now, I can at least keep my new Moss Gardens alive…




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