Windmill Hill at Dusk

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This evening I went for a walk up Windmill Hill, which is very close by to me (and where I went to see the Morris Dancing on Beltane dawn). There’s quite a lot of trees and plants up there, so I thought it would be a good place to forage for moss; my interest in miniature shrines such as hokora and faerie houses has inspired me to try and make my own tiny “moss garden.” But the stroll in itself was very pleasant and made me appreciate just how beautiful even the smallest, most humble park can be, and how lucky we are to live so close by. I took a few pictures!

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And not only did I manage to find some suitable moss (I’ll post pictures later!), I also discovered just what a variety of trees there are here, including a huge, mighty oak tree and a lovely old yew tree hidden away in the undergrowth. Definitely a good source of supplies and a potential place for offerings for a Pagan!

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