Reflections on “Goth Rosary” Scents

GothRosaryAntiSally of the website Goth Rosary creates all-natural fragrances with darker, Gothic leanings. You can purchase them at I decided to treat myself to a sampler set of all 21 scents, and spent a wonderful couple of weeks wearing a different one every day. I found all of them unique, interesting and really appealing, especially to one of Gothic sensibilities! Moreover, I found them very kind to my skin; I’m allergic to alcohol-based scents, and found these oils gave me no reactions at all!

I’ve started wearing these perfumes to moots, festivals and for Pagan rituals; their scents really help to evoke particular emotions, images and energies. Being oils, they also seem suitable for ritual anointing. Pagans may also find it useful to know that these scents can be purchased as incense as well.

Below I’ve listed my Goth Rosary recommendations for particular times of year – not according to season, as would be traditional, but according to the eight Sabbats!



Can’t Wait Demeter” – The name will appeal to Hellenic Pagans, I’m sure! I think this was designed to be an autumnal scent, but I find it so soft and gentle that I think it makes a great fragrance for an early spring day – light and a little sombre but with a warm heart.

Funeral Flowers” – Perhaps surprisingly for its somewhat gloomy name, this is a really light, pretty, gentle scent. It’s sweet and creamy with slight honey note, and makes me think of the gentle light of early Spring mornings.


Vanilla Hell” – This delicious scent, which is very warm and dark with notes of butter and toasted vanilla, is cozy and comforting – good for the cold nights of the beginning of spring! The fiery warmth that this scent captures, as well as the buttery notes, seems appropriate for a fire festival that’s also about celebrating dairy goods. What’s more, it’s quite a sexy, seductive scent, which seems fitting as Imbolc is close to Valentine’s Day!



Hedonic” – A pretty, floral scent – I’m not sure exactly what flowers, but it evokes a lot of pastel colours in my head which seems appropriate for Ostara


Dead On Chocolate” – This does exactly what it says on the tin – a 100% pure chocolate scent. It is quite delicious, actually. Great for evoking chocolate eggs!



Fairy Wings” – I love this scent! It’s really bright, happy and youthful, with notes of honey and cucumber. It made me think of playing outside in the sun as a child, innocent and full of joy. Wonderful for Beltane revelry!


Black Wings” – This is a lovely scent, with dark and alluring notes of licorice, musk and clove. It’s quite masculine and dead sexy – very evocative of the sensual side of Beltane.



Gothic Rose” – Roses are one of the typical flowers of a British summer, making this a very appropriate midsummer scent. The “Gothic” part probably comes from it’s rather old-fashioned quality – it reminds me of the dried rose scents you might expect to smell in a wealthy Victorian home rather than a freshly-cut bouquet.

Seattle Rain” – Probably Goth Rosary’s most subtle scents. It’s very fresh and cool with a salty note – it reminded me more of being at the beach than of the rain. Probably quite a refreshing scent for sunny midsummer days.


Shadows” – This is one of my favourite Goth Rosary scents – it’s really warm and exotic, and makes me think of sunrise over a North African desert with its notes of incense, musk, spices and citruses. Bold and regal, it’s perfect for midsummer evenings, and Kemetic Pagans will probably find it appealing as well.



Tea & Sympathy” – This is the only Goth Rosary scent that doesn’t appeal to me – I found it far too cloying with a bitter base note. But scent is a very personal thing, and others might find it suits them fine! A little reminiscent of sweet baked goods, it seems fitting for a Sabbat centred on bread.

Vexing” – This is a really unusual, complex, unisex scent which is a real chameleon. The cucumber, elderflower and musky notes made it summery, while the hints of lavender, fruit, spices and earth give it a distinctly autumnal feel. This bounty of vegetable scents and its summer/autumn character make it perfect for Lammas, on the cusp of the two seasons and the time of harvest.


Dervish” – A gentle and romantic blend of musk and vanilla. It’s warm and exotic yet fresh and dreamy, just right for that transition from summer to autumn.



Heathen” – The name will no doubt appeal to followers of Asatru! I found this scent quite gentle and mystical at the same time, with a combination of earthy and incense notes. Quite a masculine scent, but that doesn’t put me off wearing it! It really made me think of ancient rituals taking place deep in midnight, autumnal forests…


Amber Addiction” – This is a strong and masculine scent, instantly evocative of golden-orange amber – the colour of autumn leaves.



Graveyard” – I think this is the most ingenious scent in the Goth Rosary collection – it really does smell like the cut grass and moist earth of a graveyard just after the rain! There’s a slight floral note in there that gives it a touch of sweetness so it isn’t completely overwhelmed by the earth scents. The earth notes make it quite masculine, but I still happily wear it. A wonderful scent for contemplating the Underworld at Samhain…


Nocturnal” – I consider this the archetypal Gothic scent – clove, patchouli and incense – and I love it! Being so dark and mysterious, it seems ideal for those midnight Samhain rites. A very unisex scent as well!

Wicked” – This is a really unusual scent. With notes of old leather and tobacco, it reminds me of what an old, wood-panelled study might smell like. Masculine, and definitely dark!



Mayhem” – I thought there was something rather seasonal about this subtle, unisex scent, with sweet, spicy incense notes.

Wasted Youth” – Now this scent really is Christmassy (should I say Yule-y?)! Cheery and delicious with notes of dried oranges, spices and flowers. It really brought back memories of decorating the Christmas tree with dried fruits as a child.


Season’s Greedings” – This fragrance is designed to be a Christmas scent, but I found it quite a surprise! Yes, it is Christmassy, but it has a rather dark and cold feel to it, starting with a sharp pine scent that fades into something salty, then berries, then sweet spices. It’s like walking through a dense wintery forests and discovering a sweet-laden Christmas tree at the end! It’s also quite a unisex scent as well.


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