Lammas Ritual with Medway Pagans


The Lammas altar

This month at Medway Pagans, we celebrated Lammas. The ritual began indoors and was very short and sweet – after a few words to remind us about the meaning of Lammas, we shared bread and drank mead from the communal chalice (the mead was actually mind left over from our handfasting!). But after this we took a stalk of corn each and took it outside, where we’ve recently discovered there’s a very large oak tree by the car park of the social club where the moots take place. This seemed like a perfect place to scatter the ears of corn as an offering to nature.

Then, quite spontaneously, one of the members got us all to join our hands in a circle around the oak tree, while two of our members stood with their hands on the tree, feeling its energy. We stood like this quietly for some time, which was really nice as it was a wonderful way to meditate upon the ritual and share our energies together.

lammas20142When we went back inside,  we feasted on the food that we had all brought. As you can see in the photo, there were plenty of contributions! (And there were a lot of us there tonight). In keeping with the theme of Lammas, the “loaf-mass,” most of us brought bread (some brought delicious home-made bread) in addition to crackers, cakes and chopped apple. Gathering around and sharing the food we’d brought was a great way for us to mingle and talk; recently there are so many new members, which is fantastic but it can be hard for us to get to know each other sometimes.

Lammas is a time to be thankful, and there is so much I have to be thankful for at the moment. Not just to Mother Earth and the powers that be for their blessings, but more personally, for our wonderful wedding and handfasting which both went so smoothly, and for the excellent start to our new lives together. Additionally, I feel blessed that our friends and family had been so generous with their gifts for our marriage, and I feel incredibly grateful to have such lovely people in my life. Lammas reminds me of the importance of gratitude to all things and all people in our lives… time to get writing those thank you letters to our wedding guests!!


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