Midsummer 2014


Merry Midsummer! And what a beautiful day it was. I had to work for most of the day, but when I got home I performed a ritual to honour the occasion.

Above is the altar I set for my simple Litha ritual, which I dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses of the Sun and Summer – Helios, Apollo, Ra, Amaterasu Omikami, Aine and Juno. I lit a smaller candle for each deity from the God/Goddess candle on the candlesticks (I wanted to use tall black and white candles for this but as is usually the case with outdoor rituals, it was too windy) and made various offerings. I performed this in the early evening so it was still light, which I never find ideal for outdoor rituals because there are more people around and more distractions. However, it went well and although I didn’t see foxes this time (too early in the evening for them), some cawing crows flew over me as I performed the rite. This was a good sign for me – not only do I like them as a Goth, but crows are considered solar animals in some traditions. As always, I ended the ritual with a dedication to Inari Okamisama; not inappropriate either, as the solstice is considered important in Shinto as well.


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