May Moot with Medway Pagans


Selenite cluster. My own selenite isn’t quite as impressive…

Yesterday I went to the May moot of Medway Pagans. It was on the New Moon, which is apparently a good time for charging crystals. Which is what we did.

We all brought the crystals we like to use in rituals – it was really interesting to see all the different crystals people have, and hear the stories about how they acquired them, and why that particular crystal is special to them. One member of the moot is particularly knowledgeable about crystals, and identified any crystals we owned that we couldn’t identify. I only brought one crystal – my large chunk of selenite, which I used as a Maypole over Beltane – but it turned out by far to be the largest crystal anyone brought! I’m not sure what that says about me…

I’d never charged a crystal before, but the ritual is very similar to consecration – we blessed the crystals with the powers of the four elements by first immersing them in earth, then sprinkling them with water, then passing them through fire, and finally holding them over incense smoke. We then held the crystals out to charge them, by imagine our own energies passing into the crystal and focussing on what purposes we would like the crystal to serve. I often find these parts of ritual, where we stand still for an extended time, rather amusing – because I have POTS, standing in a fixed pose for an extended period makes my heart beat very fast, so it literally does feel like I’m in contact with the spirit world! Finally, we anointed our crystals with an essential oil of our choice. I selected patchouli (a favourite among Goths!) and it was very strong – I only put three drops on my crystal and even now, a day later, I can still smell the patchouli when I walk into my living room where the crystal stands!

This was followed by a bit of handicrafts. Some might say that arts and crafts has little to do with paganism, but I would argue that actually, arts and crafts engenders many of the characteristics also promoted by paganism – creativity, taking pride in making things for yourself, and helping the environment by recycling things in order to make something beautiful. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired so I didn’t make anything,although I did contribute to the moot’s collection of craft supplies with a few ribbons and trinkets from my own collection. But there definitely are a few things I’d like to make, so next time we have an arts & crafts session at the moot, I’ll try to remember to bring some more specific materials for my own craft projects.


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