Some Spontaneous Spirituality

ImageThroughout the May Day and Sweeps period, I’ve had this small, simple centre piece on my living room table, consisting of an upright piece of selenite (my “May Pole”) sitting on a mosaic mirror and encircled with a wreath of paper leaves and roses. The other night, I decided to light a “Forest Walk” scented candle I’d just purchased from Gaia Creations and place it in front of the crystal. Although I did this purely on a whim and without any ritual purpose, the effect was hypnotic. I sat there for ages simply gazing at the way in which the crystal caught the flickering glow of the candle, which was also gently reflected off the tiled mirror. It made me picture mighty, ancient mountains and the immense power buried deep within the earth.

It’s funny how sometimes the most simple things can be the most enchanting and spiritual.


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