Bluebells at Gravesend Cemetery


One of my favourite places to go for a walk in Gravesend is the cemetery, which is always very beautiful and peaceful. When I went today, I had a lovely surprise – the bluebells were in full bloom.


Bluebells have long been associated with the faerie folk, and it’s easy to see why – with such a vivid colour, they seem to be filled with a magick all their own. They also tend to cluster around large trees, like dryads making their homes there.



Whenever I go to a cemetery or any place of natural beauty or spiritual significance, I try to bring with me some sort of offering to the spirits to thank them for letting me visit. Today, I brought an offering of gyokuro green tea and frankincense, and scattered it at the roots of the three largest trees and the bluebells scattered around as an offering both to the spirits of nature and the spirits of the departed that dwell in this place.


In addition to the bluebells, pink and white blossom was also falling from the trees, covering the graves with a soft blanket of petals. Both the blossom and the bluebells, especially in the cemetery setting, made me think of the fleeting nature of the gift of life – both the bluebells and the blossom will be gone in a few weeks, and I will miss their beauty. But they will return again next year, reminding us that life is a cycle and does go on, although we must be patient. Until then, it’s best to make the most of nature’s gifts while they are here.




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